Hi, My name is Kyle! 👋🏼

I wear many hats (including the one in my profile picture). Most recently, I've become an early stage venture investor with a focus on deep tech — frontier technology and emerging scientific breakthroughs ready to change the world.

I invest alongside Rand Hindi and contribute to his publication, Deep Tech Deals, if you're interested in our thesis, I recommend subscribing there too.

This newsletter serves as a catch-all for my creative output. You can expect to find:

  • Articles on the Tech Ecosystem, deep-dives on startups or macro trends I find compelling

  • Interviews with founders and investors across Europe (Podcast)

  • Reflections on my journey into venture capital and more specifically what I discover in the realm of deep tech

  • Announcements and updates for events I host or attend, namely, my monthly tech/vc community dinners

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For my Anglophone audience, the roi in Startup ROI is a pun.

  1. Return on Investment

  2. Noun. roi m (plural rois, feminine reine) king.

Follow along as I meander my way through the European tech and investing ecosystem ⤵️

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My thoughts on tech, investing and community building as an American investor based in Paris.


Startup ROI

Exploring how worldwide tech trends manifest themselves in France. Macro-analysis on the technology industry, it’s impact on French institutions and the disruptive ideas coming out of a country known for revolution.

Kyle O'Brien

Early stage deep tech investor. American in Paris. Curious to a fault.