Welcome to Startup ROI, where we explore global technology trends and how they manifest themselves in France 🇫🇷 . Whether you're an entrepreneur, investor or tech enthusiast, I'm glad to have you here!

My name is Kyle. I've worked for “Big Tech” and at 4 startups in both the US & France. I'm a self-proclaimed generalist with experience across Sales, Solution Engineering, Customer Success, Product Marketing & Leadership. I enjoy discussing business frameworks, futurism, and international markets. Here you'll find musings on the French Tech ecosystem (it's growing!) and it's place in a global economy in which every city is building their very own flavor of Silicon Valley.

🇫🇷 Here's What French Tech Leaders Are Saying:

Creator of Rude Baguette & Current VP of Marketing @ Scaleway

Anne-Carole Coen, VP of Marketing @ Swile

Niki Hall, Chief Marketing Officer @ Contentsquare

Boris Pourreau, CEO @ mindDay

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